Sep 4, 2012

foreign direct investments: Austria -> Romania

This is one of those posts with statistics about Romania's commercial relationships with other CEE countries - Austria, to be more specific.

The source for this statistics is this study released by the Commercial Service of the Austrian Embassy in Romania:

  • Austria is the second foreign investor in Romania, after The Netherlands
  • more than 1,000 active Austrian investors are present in Romania
  • Austrian investment amounts for 9.35 BLN Eur and represents 18% of the FDI in Romania
  • more than 6,100 companies with Austrian equity are established in Romania
  • these companies employ over 100,000 people
  • main sectors are: Resources | Agriculture | Industry | Services
  • Austria is market leader in Banking and Insurance
  • Austria is Top Investor in CEE: Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia.

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