Feb 21, 2013

drivers in brands' internationalization

Today I'm writing about how and where to start developing an international brand from a strong local brand, and which are the main drivers for integrating the international attribute into the brand architecture.

Feb 20, 2013

opposable marketing

We were all taught manners in our commercial relationships; we should not speak badly about competition in front of our clients, but we should differentiate; we should not ransack for competition inside weaknesses, but we should monitor them and stay informed.

Competitive intelligence. Everybody does it, but only few talk about it.

Here's something nobody talks about: how to market substitute products. So I'll call it Opposable Marketing.

Feb 12, 2013

don't judge me [only] by my leads

As this Entrepreneur turned VP said it here, selling is about 3 essential questions:
  • Why Buy Anything?
  • Why Buy Mine?
  • Why Buy Now?
I'd like to spend some time on the Why Buy Now, as I'd like to rehabilitate the shady side of marketing, the one that's not generating direct leads: brand awareness.