Jan 23, 2013

the silent victories

I was gonna wait and build more content before getting to the communication side of marketing, but today I figured out why some successes need to be silent.

I'm in the type of business where references help you sell: software. So I'm always looking to produce press releases announcing new clients, case studies, testimonials, clients' logos uploaded on our websites.

And there's often the opposition I encounter from the sales team: Don't say a word about this client yet. Do not mention this customer name anywhere.

Jan 21, 2013

competitiveness or why awards matter

Almost every medium and large company from relatively competitive industry have a section on their website called "Awards and Prizes".

Awards are a seriously exportable fact regarding the quality of your company & of its products and they can be leveraged in all kinds of marketing communication.

These corporate competitions are typically organized by research companies, media groups, event organizers, non-profit associations or various other organizations.