Jul 27, 2012

regional decision makers for CEE countries sit in Austria

This year, Vienna is a hot topic for my company and myself as International Marketing Manager. Last year, over 120 international companies were established in Vienna, and this year our group opened its Austrian subsidiary.

Austria is an interesting case when it comes to b2b marketing actions: you will be advice to address the entire DACH region with your marketing actions, not just the one country. But I tried to take my time and understand the reason why this country is known to be the regional decision-making center for many multinationals.

From the business environment point of view, Austria is a strategic regional hub for multinational corporations. According to the Austrian Business Agency website, Austria is the leading CEE Headquarters host in Central Eastern Europe, with over 300 parent companies of international businesses, including 28 Fortune 500 firms. 85% of these foreign companies manage their Central-Eastern Europe operations from the Austrian establishment.

In the last two years, +14 new headquarters were established in Austria.

Vienna was ranked #1 in the competition European Cities and Regions of the future 2012/2013 , in the Economic Potential section [by fDi Magazine]. Not to mention Vienna is No. 1 in the Quality of living ranking by Mercer 2009, 2010 and 2011.

At last, someone there is noticing the obvious and organizing an event on HQs and location strategies. Following my febrile research on events in Vienna these days, I've found and would really like to attend this 1st European Headquarters Congress in October.

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